Theo Teamaker  0.6 Litr

Theo Teamaker 0.6 Litr

With unique Tea Infuse System

  • EASE OF USE - From start to finish, the Teamaker makes brew time a breeze - it's as easy as adding your tea, letting it brew, then sitting it on your cup to watch the magic happen. This nifty little contraption is a must-have for every tea lover!
  • PERFECT RESULTS - Ensure the full benefits of loose tea leaves, along with the perfect way to brew it for the full flavour explosion.
  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGN - Find the best colour to suit your style. It will look fantastic, no matter which you choose!
  • LOOSE TEA LEAVES FOR FULL EFFECT AND FLAVOUR - Choose loose tea for greater health benefits thanks to bigger leaves that keep more of their catechin antioxidants and plant polyphenols. Thanks to the leaves' surface area, you also get more natural oils, flavour and scent!